Anna Rose | Corpo Europeu de Solidariedade

Olá! My name is Anna Rose and I am 28.

I am from a small town in Italy which is called Rieti, surrounded by nature and supposed to be the geographical centre of Italy. After my high school I decided to leave the tranquillity of my hometown and to move first to Bologna, where I studied Anthropology, and later to Torino, where I got my Master’s in International Relations.

I have always been driven by a strong curiosity and desire to discover new places and cultures, and
this desire pushed me to travel and to live abroad. After moving to different countries and doing
various things, last October I ended up in Lisbon. It all happened very quickly and, in a year like
2020 when everything had changed due to the pandemic, I felt extremely lucky to find a job,
although it was not my dream job, and to have the possibility to move to a new country.

As soon as I landed in Lisbon I fell in love with this bright and lively city and this is why, despite
the boredom of the work I was doing, I decided to stay and to look for better opportunities. And this
is when I found out that the Clube Intercultural Europeu was looking for a volunteer to take part in
an ESC project. I applied, got selected and started this exciting new adventure in March!

As part of the project, I work with children in Casa da Juventude where we try to offer an after
school space where every child can feel integrated and part of this small family. I find this job
extremely motivating and fulfilling, and I enjoy planning and implementing the activities for the
kids. Overall, I am really happy to be in this project which is giving me the opportunity to learn new
things and grow up every day and to be surrounded by amazing people.

After these months in Lisbon I feel satisfied and happy to live here and I am looking forward to
spending more time and having new adventures in this beautiful city!