Capucine, voluntária L’année autrement – Testemunho: The lockdown, a moment of reflection.

The lockdown, a moment of reflection:

My name is Capucine, I am 23 years old and I am French.
After my studies, my professional projects didn’t end up as I hoped. Moreover, the lockdown helped me to understand a lot of things and to listen myself better. I told myself that it was time to move towards new horizons…

Thanks to an association I am a member of, in Lille, I was put in contact with the Clube Intercultural Europeu and they proposed me an internship of 8 months.
So, now I’ve been living in Lisbon for 3 months and I work with kids at Casa da Juventude. The
objective is to encourage kids from the neighborhood and to propose them some fun and educational activities, including homework support. I feel useful with them and we creare an attachment already. I think this project is very interesting and that it deserves to be further developed.

In addition to this and despite the actual sanitary context, I had the possibility to discover the city and its peculiarities. The local population is nice, respectful and calm. My colleagues welcomed me with a lot of kindness and I met great people. The landscape is incredible and makes me want to take pictures of every street corner, of every sunset. Life in Lisbon is very different from the one I have in France, but it is interesting and pleasant. And I can’t wait to find out what the next 5 months have in store for me.
Maybe it’s even a place to live permanently, who knows?…