EVS Vacancy for the Project “Promote Europe” – Le Blanc, France (September 2017 – September 2018)

Who we are?

Youth service called “Relais Brenne Initiatives Jeunes” in a Natural Regional Park, located in Le Blanc, France.

We support teenager’s and youngster’s projects (11-25 years old). 5 youth workers take part in this youth service.
We work with a high school and 3 secondary schools, and wants to give the opportunity to the young people to increase their European citizenship and exchange with young people from other countries. So 3 youth exchanges have been organized in 2012, 2013 and 2015, and the RBIJ is accredited as an EVS receiving, sending and coordinating organization from 2013. The RBIJ welcomed volunteers for the first time in September 2016.

Start date of the service : 11/09/2017 – End date of the service : 03/09/2018

Tasks for the volunteers
The RBIJ will host 2 volunteers ( 1 Portuguese volunteer). They will have some common tasks but also they will work on their very own task separately in cooperation with other animators of the RBIJ. They will work on the following tasks:

  • Set up activities and presentations about European mobility and Europe in general and international solidarity in schools in order to deliver information’s about possibilities for youngsters which Europe offers. (13 – 18 YO)
  • Develop/create tools for presenting European possibilities to move for youngsters
  • Present their own countries and culture during several kinds of events in aim to work on cultural understanding
  • Participate into the organisation of a European week in a secondary schools (11-15 YO) : working with teachers or supervisors to create and set up activities about Europe with students
  • Receive in office and support French young people who want to undertake an EVS
  • EVS – ers will be supported by animators of the RBIJ to undertake personal project
  • Get involve in (optional) and follow separated projects set up by the RBIJ (visit a cultural place with a group of teenagers, participate in a camps and events organized by the RBIJ)
  • Build the contact with people who can help them on this mission (directors of schools, teachers, colleagues, other organisations or initiative groups)


– Flatmate in Le Blanc (7000 inhabitants) city center. You will have your own room but share kitchen and bathroom with the other volunteer.
– You will receive pocket money for leisure and food. A car will be at the disposal of volunteers. You will use it for work and it will be possible to use it for leisure time (you will have to pay petrol if you use car for leisure time).
Volunteer profile
Volunteers should be motivated for working with young people between 11 and 20 years old.
They should have the driving licence because it’s impossible to move without it here.
Applicants should be aware that Le Blanc is situated in a very rural area. Coming from a rural area or liking nature and rural way of life would be helpful. Don’t forget that the Natural Regional Park is a hiking paradise!
Someone who takes the initiative will be more than welcome.
A working time is 35 hours a week at least but it is depends on the initiative of each volunteer. Volunteers should have personal interests/hobbies and the ability to organise their leisure time on their own (possibility to practise a sport or get involve in a local association).
The volunteer should be motivated for living with another volunteer (from different country).

How to apply ?
Please send us your motivation letter and CV to clubeinterculturaleuropeu@gmail.com until August 18th.