Around Portugal – Sintra by Joanna Laskowska

Since my last post I have had many chances to explore Portugal a little bit more and my list of visited places is still growing. So when my friend Kasia came to Lisbon, we both were sure that we want to go to Sintra.

First of all… it’s in my top ten of “must see” places. The spot that I like the most is Quinta da Regaleira for sure. If you want to go there, then you have to know that the ticket is really cheap. For students it’s just 4 euros.  If you are curious about the details such as date of build, owners, funders, etc. you should check it out here.
But now we have to come back to my trip and impressions. When you are there, you can feel like you are in a movie, or even better, a fairytale! Here you can find proof:

The main façade of the palace. Source: Unfortunately my low battery didn’t allow me to take as many photos as I wished, so this one is from Wikipedia

My lovely throne. Almost like the Iron Throne (from Game of Thrones) but a little bit more girlish:

Lizbona - lipiec 199

My new bunch (not the most comfortable but good enough)

Lizbona - lipiec 220

Breathtaking chapel, it’s not very big but I was just amazed by the well executed and accurate details:

Source: Wikipedia

Some parts of this property looks almost like a weird jungle (with a bridge, waterfall, rocks and even the tunnel hidden behind waterfall) :


Now something that I forget to mention in my first post, you can find it everywhere here: traditional and very beautiful tiles. Here is one picture of tiles that I found in Sintra:

Lizbona - lipiec 232


Source: Wikipedia

And last but not least, the Initiation Well:

In the park there are two wells, they look more like underground towers lined with stairs and actually these wells never served as water sources. The surprising thing is that they were used for ceremonial purpose, even for Tarot initiation rites.


Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedi

Looks incredible, I know… You can reach this place by underground tunnels or by the path through the gardens. It’s better to take a torch or a phone with good light. Not all of the tunnels are enlightened like this one:





It’s impossible to describe or show everything and it’s never as good as in reality, so buy a ticket for a train from Rossio Train Station to Sintra, follow the signs to Quinta da Regaleira and feel it on your own skin. Good luck!