The Apelaçao kindergarden in Quinta da Fonte Firstly, the teaching team is very welcoming. They are four teachers for students in first school “circle” (3 to 6 years), with four different classrooms adapted to the children. I visited each room and I discover the different pedagogies methods. Most of them work according to the MEM : movement of modern school, which consists in considering the child in the center of the pedagogy. In this way, the teacher adapts his methods and his learnings to the child, from his needs, his desires… Each educator establishes an objective program for each student. Moreover, one important rule is to give liberty of choice to the child by taking his own responsibilities, in this way, he can choose his activity but he has to accomplish it until the end. The children can make cooking, sciences with things found outside, painting, drawing, reproduce family scenes… Each student has a daily role for the good operation of the class and each working group shares what he has learned during the activity. The teaching team also works with a psychologist and a social assistant who meet several children with difficulties or deficiencies. Unfortunately, the family context is difficult, caused by poverty or language problem, most of the children do not speak portugesh. But the educators work with families and organize activities with them. Several parents come and present their tradition culture by cooking or clothing and share with the student different ways of life. So, the goal’s inclusive school is to bring children to have a broader view of the world and be stimulated by new relationships. For this, Felix, the school Director gives the opportunity to the child to build their identity, to discover themselves thanks to an optimist culture about themselves, to meet others cultures promoting transmission and sharing, to learn in way non-formal. The goal of this last method is to realize a life project for each student. Based on positive concept, this Institution uses good method which is adapted for each person. The Team learning is listening for every person and constantly renews. alexia