My first impression of Lisbon by Anna Gil

 My first impression of Lisbon by Anna Gil

Hello Everyone! I’m Anna – a student from Cracow, Poland. I came to Lisbon for my Erasmus Internship in Clube Intercultural Europeu.

I decided on this move to gain my work experience, explore new country, meet with my old friend and have a chance to feel on my own skin this Iberian climate (I’m not talking only about weather).

After a long and messy journey I finally arrived at Lisbon. And I have received a really fabulous welcome – My Friend – Sławek who has already lived here for one year was waiting for me at the airport with cookies, water and big hugs 😀 I spent my first evening next to Baxia Chiado enjoying time with him and his international friends, eating typical Portugal food and drinking beer.

Sunday: Could you imagine something better than wearing sunglasses in January because it’s a really sunny, warm day? Me – not really, especially that now in Poland we’ve got a lot of snow, the streets are grey and it’s minus 15 degrees.

photo anna

For Lisbon, two weeks were enough to get my heart. I’m in love with the atmosphere, streets, buildings, colors, the river, azulejos and turist attractions.

Till this time I was drinking coffee next to Castelo de São Jorge, driving Tram 28, contemplating in Sé Patriarcal, reading on Praça do Comércio. I also know all the fashionable elevators and the observation deck 😀

Thanks to wonderful people that I’m meeting every day I had a chance to go on Art Graffiti tour, take part in dance classes in Alfama, welcome Spanish Party and Mishka concert in Soundbox. And I can’t wait to see what the future will bring to me 😀